Eileen Carter-Campos

My name Is Eileen Carter-Campos and I am a Mommy first and a teacher since the tender age of twenty-one.

Hi, I’m Eileen, an educator, mom of two, and proud NYC boriqua! Here on “MommyTeaches,” you’ll find lots of real insight from a teacher of thirteen years and a mother of two boys who love to get dirty and explore the world around them. But Mommy Teaches isn’t just the name of the blog, it’s my life! I’m teaching every single day, whether in the classroom or at home with my own kids. As mothers, we know just how important our role is, as we become our child’s first teacher.

Although I’m born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, more and more I’m finding myself not to be a city girl. I enjoy spending most of my time outdoors, reading, writing, sunsets, and spending time with my boys in the simplest ways possible. I love the zoo, the park, and any chance I get I am incorporating academics as well. I strongly believe parental involvement is the key to a child’s success and I am proof of it. I have a son who is diagnosed with a mild case of Asperger’s and I work with him thoroughly, as I do with all of my schoolchildren to make sure he can succeed.

On Mommy Teaches, I blog about my experiences in the classroom, strategies that work for me, issues that may take place, as well as my blessings of being a mother and some trials and challenges that mothers may go through. I love what I do and I hope to be of some comfort, help, and guidance to other mothers all over the world!

I hope you enjoy my blog and reach out to me in the comments or on social media. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!