LSAT Preparation


The LSAT, of Law School Admission Test, is a standardized assessment used by law schools to select prospective students. This topic will help explain the different ways to prep for the LSAT, offering tips, advice, hacks, and answering common questions about the test.

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  • 6 LSAT Timing Tips To Accelerate Your Answering

    Part of what makes the LSAT so difficult is the short time given to answer its questions. This advice can help you work with the clock, instead of against it.

  • Au revoir, LSAT?

    With a few law schools getting rid of the LSAT as a requirement for admission, will this decision catch on? Read this admissions expert's opinion.

  • What Not to Do When Taking the LSAT

    The LSAT is a challenging test and requires a lot of preparation. Make sure to steer clear of these three behaviors when you’re prepping.

  • LSAT Study Groups: Should You Join?

    How do you know if an LSAT study group will help or hinder you? Expert John Rood shares his guide to fixing the challenges associated with a study group, to ensure success come test day.

  • Must-Know Facts for Starting Your Law School Application

    How important is your LSAT? How long should your personal essay be? We've got your essential Law School Application questions answered right here.

  • The Beginner's One-Page Guide to the LSAT

    The LSAT is one of the hardest admissions tests around, but with a little preparation you'll be able to earn your best score. Here is your one-page guide to the LSAT.

  • Try Yoga Before Your Next Big Test

    Want a different way of preparing for your next big exam? Try yoga before your test! Research shows practicing yoga can improve memory retention and lower stress levels.

  • Should You Cancel Your LSAT Score?

    It's natural to be concerned that you might not have done your best on the LSAT. But canceling your score might not be necessary.

  • Making the Most of Your LSAT Study Habits

    For those few, courageous souls that intend to take the leap of faith into law, there is a four-letter word from which none can escape: L-S-A-T.