We all strive to understand what previous generations discovered, what they made, even their mistakes. Like them, we stumble, we fall, getting better with each try until eventually we master. And, to their delight, we inevitably surpass those who came before us. We create new ideas, new works, right wrongs, invent, innovate, and hope to pass on our knowledge to the generations to come.

Learning. It is what we do. It is what makes us human. May we never stop.

- Noodle

At Noodle we want to provide people with transformative experiences when it comes to managing something we do everyday: learning. We cannot do it alone. We cannot do it overnight. And we need a hand.

We seek those who are quick to see connections between concepts that others miss. Those who wish to occupy themselves with tough problems, who will not rest until a problem is solved correctly and elegantly. Those who have the ability to filter specious information and apply uncommon sense to some uncommon problems, thereby creating mathematical and algorithmic patterns of great beauty. When it comes to painting the fence, they are Daniel-san, not Tom Sawyer.

We offer health and dental, among other, benefits. We are an equal opportunity employer. Introverts and extroverts welcome.