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Noodle is the perfect way to recruit the right students for your school, university, tutoring service, or educational resource. Here’s why:

We’re focused.
Noodle is built for parents, students and lifelong learners. Our users are actively and exclusively here to find the right education options.

We’re flexible.
You can control your budget by setting your maximum spend. You can also cancel your contract at any time.

We’re honest.
Our prices aren’t set by auction—they’re defined by the category. Plus, like other search engines, advertising relationships don't influence our organic search results.

To get started, you can email us at or reach us by phone at (844) 766-6357

Frequently Asked Questions

About Noodle Advertising
I already advertise. How is Noodle different?
Noodle delivers an audience that is focused on finding their education options. They are actively seeking out their choices and are intent on finding what is right for them. This engaged and purposeful mindset makes them an ideal audience for your message.

Additionally, your ads will be presented alongside relevant educational content and offerings.

How much does a Noodle campaign cost?
The cost of your campaign is determined by you. Our dedicated account strategy team will create a customized media plan based on your budget and advertising goals.

What is a Search Ad?
Noodle Search Ads are sponsored ads placed in the top position of search results. Only providers who offer the services queried can run these ads (e.g., only nursing schools can buy search ads in our nursing search). You pay only when a visitor clicks.

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Where does my ad appear?
When you advertise on Noodle, your ads have premium placement above the fold on the search results pages of your selected category.

Beyond category, can I target my ad in other ways?
You can geo-target your ad to appear in a particular city, state, or DMA (designated market area).

How do geo-targeted ads on Noodle work?
Geo-targeted ads on Noodle are served to individuals in two ways.

Ads are initially served based on the IP address or the physical location of a user.

Then, after a user refines his/her search results with a city, state, or DMA, if that refined search matches your selected geo-targets, your ad will continue to appear. However, if the refined search is outside of your geo-targets, we will likely serve an alternate ad.

College, MBA and Law School ads can only be state-targeted.

Can I still advertise if I don’t have a profile on Noodle?
Yes! If you don’t have a profile on Noodle, your Noodle Search Ad can send our visitors to your website. (If you do have a Noodle profile, you may choose to link to either location.)

In addition to my ad, how else can I promote my education offering on Noodle?
You can promote your school or program with a Noodle profile. In fact, you may already have a profile listed on our site. If you don’t see your school or service, create a profile.

Getting Your Campaign Started
How is my Search Ad location determined?
Your Search Ad will be placed in the category on Noodle that will allow your ad to appear in line with other organically relevant providers and learning resources. Categories presently eligible for advertising on Noodle include:

  • Business Schools
  • Colleges
  • K-12 Schools
  • Law Schools
  • Nursing Schools
  • Preschools
  • Study Abroad
  • Tutoring

What assets are required for a Search Ad?

  • High resolution logo in size 160x120 (file size less than 40KB)
  • 2-3 sentences of ad copy (40 words max)
  • Destination URL

Can Search Ads drive people to my website or other landing page?
Search Ads can be designed to link to your Noodle profile or to the URL of your choice.

What would be considered good copy for a Search Ad?
Search Ad copy should be succinct, our recommendations is 40 words or less. Some tips:

  • Incorporate a call to action
  • Highlight your point of differentiation
  • Offer an incentive

Do you offer reporting to help me track my advertising campaign?
Our account strategy team will provide statistical reporting on your ads. Detailed reporting of impressions, clicks, click through rates, and other data can be provided on request.

I’m searching for my ad on the website. Why can I not see it?
There are two potential reasons why your ad is currently not appearing:

  • If the ad is geo-targeted, the ad will only serve to individuals either located in the city, state, or DMA you have selected or when they refine their search results to match your desired geo-targets.

  • Some campaigns are set to deliver evenly over the entire duration of your campaign. Even delivery means our ad server will display your ad until it receives its daily click goal, which is determined by the number of clicks you purchase. If your ad is performing well and meeting or exceeding its daily click goal, your ad may not be served every time you search for it on the website.

If you have any general questions about Noodle, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.


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“The traffic we get from Noodle is excellent quality and highly relevant for our tutoring and enrichment business. In the past 30 days, Noodle delivered us the lowest bounce rate, the largest amount of page views per session, and the longest session length when compared with all of our other internet advertising sources, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo & Bing.

The team at Noodle is also wonderful to work with and provide regular, friendly, and informative campaign feedback.

I would highly recommend Noodle to any education or child focused business!"

Belinda S., Head of U.S. Marketing, Explore Horizons

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Noodle is a great tool for increasing my marketing reach. I’m confident everyone who clicks on my ad is looking for tutoring services, and not just free SAT tips. A big concern in high end tutoring advertising is avoiding unwanted traffic; Noodle mollifies this problem.”

Brian G., Founder of Elite Ivy Tutors

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“I’ve been very impressed with the Noodle team. They’ve gone out of their way to understand our unique business goals and provide solutions that work for us. We’re excited to continue our partnership as we move into 2016.”

Morgan Gould, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing, Knowledge Universe